Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brazilian football star Robinho it is arrested on charge in rape. Video!

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London, Jan.28 (ANI): Brazilian soccer ace Robinho was arrested for rape on Tuesday soon after flying back from his own country.

A Yorkshire University female student made the rape charge. The rape is alleged to have happened in the early hours of January 14, in the VIP area of the Space nightclub. It was reported to police that afternoon.

According to The Sun, Robinho had gone to Leeds with his teammates for a night out.
The star had spent a week in San Paulo, Brazil, when Manchester City bosses sent a private plane to pick him up.

British detectives had planned to speak to him after City’s training camp in Tenerife earlier this month, but they were stunned to learn he had gone to Sao Paulo, without his club’s permission, citing “personal reasons”, believed to be his 25th birthday.

He arrived back in the UK on Sunday and had a pre-arranged meeting with West Yorkshire POlice officers yesterday. He returned to Manchester last night after being released on bail, the tabloid reports.

Last night,his spokesman Chris Nathaniel said:”He strenuously denies any allegation of wrongdoing or criminality and is happy to co-operate with the police if required further.”(ANI)

Best Arab celebs Nancy Ajram rape! Scandal movie!

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Little girls rape. video!

This little girl watched U.S. Troops murder her parents, she screams in pain before the U.S. Troops GANGRAPE her and her little brother.
This is the morality of America. Our sick system is doing this to innocent little girls in Iraq, right now.
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American Soldiers deliberately shoot civilians in the head; everytime they attack a civilian neighborhood they claim is a "haven" for people opposed to America controlling their neighborhood. How very undemocratic of us, wouldn't you say?

These innocent children and women were lined up against a wall
and shot dead by American Soldiers a few minutes after this picture was taken.
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American Soldiers drop 2500lb bombs designed to kill every civilian body in the house or building. Drop them in the middle of the night on houses full of women and children. Drop them on Wedding Party's and kill 50 people, mostly children and women. Then drop Ground Assault Teams and shoot the women and children as they lay crying for help on the ground. How very undemocratic of us, wouldn't you say?
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